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Northeast Regional Jewish Montessori Conference
Sunday, December 12, 2014
in East Brunswick, NJ at Yeshivat Netivot Montessori

Call For Proposals extended: Please send speaking proposals to by 10/31/2014

This conference is intended as professional development for teachers and administrators of existing and prospective Jewish Montessori programs in the NE USA and Canada. Priority will be given to proposals that either address our unique mission of intense Jewish learning and solid Montessori methodology or other issues of particular interest to Jewish Montessorians. We intend to offer programming that is not available elsewhere and is specific to our unique intersection of Jewish and Montessori.

Price $75/pp

More information will be posted as it becomes available. Please contact me at the address above with questions, comments and suggestions!



Courtesy of Yeshivat Netivot Montessori, East Brunswick, NJ

We know what is possible because we see it every day at our daughters’ Jewish Montessori school in Edison, NJ. When we speak to parents of children learning at other Jewish Montessori schools throughout North America, we hear the same love, joy and enthusiasm for their own schools.

New and Revolutionary

Courtesy of Luria Academy of Brooklyn, NY

Without tests, grades or nightly homework, children can and really do learn in this way and achieve mastery of whatever they tackle. It seems new and revolutionary until you recall that learning in this manner is one of Judaism’s most noble aspirations and goals.

Our Vision

Courtesy of Luria Academy of Brooklyn, NY

Montessori education has proven over the last century to create innovative thinkers, unstoppable leaders and lifelong, joyous learners. In facilitating the expansion of Jewish Montessori education around the world, the Jewish Montessori Society aims to energize, support and strengthen a new category of tomorrow’s Jewish leaders. Because decoding the world should be fun, figuring things out should be cool, and school can be fantastic for every child.   

Every Child Learning Lishma.


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